Android Authenticator Enhancements

The following enhancements are proposed:

  • Continuous Integration using Jenkinsfile(Pipeline as code):
    Continuous integration systems let you automatically build and test your app each time you check in updates to your app source code. (Alternatively Github Action might be used)

  • Deploy to F-Droid:
    F-Droid is a community-maintained software repository for Android, similar to the Google Play store.

  • Refactor the codebase to properly utilise the library so that other 3rd party apps can use the core functionality of the app.

  • Test Driven Development :
    Writing proper unit and instrumentation tests are essential. The current codebase has just few of them, and more tests can be added.

  • UI Improvements:
    Adding Shimmer effect for recycler views and fixing landscape modes.

  • Codebase Improvements:
    Adding Viewmodels and Navigation Component to enhance the UX

  • (Optional) New Features:
    Search user feature, improved pagination and implementing android notifications.

  • (Optional) Add Github Bots

Note: we already have Jenkins jobs since a long time but the goal was to move to pipeline based build.

@somenath1435 could you please give more details about the planning, please keep in mind that most people here don’t have access to your GSOC proposal

Also I don’t really agree with the (Optional) you indicated since for example “android notifications” was explicitly listed and planned in your GSOC proposal and it’s probably the most expected improvement.

Thomas, I cannot edit my post. The edit option is just showing the history of the post and there is no way to edit the content. Please help

@somenath1435 it would make more sense to detail all that in a design page anyway, you can create one on, it will be used to track everything you plan to do and your progress.