Anotations don't work after update to 12.10.9

Hello, I updated wiki from 12.10.8 to 12.10.9 and when i press ctrl+m key annotation dialog don’t show and annotate button dosen’t work too. Annotation doesn’t work correctly.
Have anybody same trouble?

Can somebody help me? i don’t know how to fix it. i try reinstall annotation application and it not solve this problem.

May be it’ll be helpful for some people. I found solution here


If the issue is programming rights on these pages, it probably means that the upgrade to 12.10.9 was done with a user not having programming rights or that has lost them since doing the upgrade.
This could mean that you may be experiencing issues with other scripts from the standard distribution missing programming rights, and thus with other functionalities. you may want to check the user that has done the upgrade to 12.10.9 (which you can find in the administration in the extensions section, in the extensions list or in extensions history) and fix their rights.

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