App Within Minutes - several instances


The App Within Minutes feature is great.

How can I create several seperate instances of my newly created app, without having to use different wiki spaces.

For example, after creating an app “My Tasks” , how to have seperate instances for HomeTasks, WorkTasks, HobbyTasks ?

Thanks for your feedback

Hi, this feature doesn’t exist yet in XWiki. It’s funny because I was thinking about it yesterday and thought that I should start a proposal/brainstorming about it. Right now if an application/extension wants to support several “namespaces” (e.g. using several spaces) it needs to be coded to support it. For example the FAQ app supports several FAQs in the same wiki ( However the Idea app ( doesn’t ATM (see Loading...).

The AWM wizard currently doesn’t have an option so that a created app automatically supports this. So you’d need to take the generated code and modify it to support several namespaces (which is not hard but requires understanding what’s generated, see to understand the xwiki concepts/way of creating an app).

What could be very nice in the future (that’s the brainstorming I wanted to start) would be that the Extension Manager would allow installing several times an application (in different namespaces) and they would work independently. At the technical level we already support this (since we have namespaces for the Component Manager). Ofc this raises several questions, such as how to handle Template Providers and more. It’s quite a large change though but something that I feel we’ll need to do one day and it would be better to do that before each app is modified to handle multiple instances in its own custom way. At least we should decide if going the EM way is our direction or not.

Also note that you have another option for multiple instances of an app which is to create several wikis, see and especially the “Ability to install Applications/Flavors” entry.

In conclusion, you could create a jira for AWM to support multiple instances for the apps that it generates.

Hope it helps.