Application use, organization and permissions


I am missing something when it comes to using XWiki Applications in a large wiki.
For example in the Demo installation there are several pre-installed Applications: Blog, Calendar, Poll , FAQ etc. These are listed on the top left of the demo to all users. If I use FAQ and add a new entry then this is visible to everyone.

If a wiki is made up of several groups of people and this is relected by a hierarchie of top level pages then it is desirable to have some of the Apps as nested pages. For example each group may want its own Calendar, Blog or FAQ. On top of this some protection could be needed on a groups App.

Another example is a user that wants to have his own private blog and calendar.

What is the best practice to create these instances and reference them inside of a XWiki page?

Thanks for your feedback

Some apps can be installed in several locations. This is the case for the FAQ application, see the doc at

However a lot of applications don’t have this feature and if you wish to have several groups of persons using different instances of these apps, then the current option is to create a subwiki per group of persons that need their own applications. See

Hope it helps.

PS: If you wish to compare features you get between page hierarchies (aka spaces) and subwikis please check this doc: And especially the link from this doc that points to

Thanks for your very quick reply.
I checkout your example for the FAQCode.FAQHomeClass and it works as expected.
It is a shame that not all Apps support this.

I created an example Contact Database App based on the ‘create your own app’ feature. When I create a new page this App appears as an option in the Type option on the right along with Article, Dashboard etc. What make this App different from the others? I think that FAQ would be a good candidate to appear as an option there too.


This is called a Template. And yes, it would definitely make sense to have one in the FAQ application. It’s very easy to do, just that nobody had the need or time to do it so far. Feel free to create a jira issue for this at FAQ Application - JIRA.

You can try to create a template for it yourself in your xwiki instance by following the doc:

If you have some development notions, you could then try to provide a Pull Request for the issue for GitHub - xwiki-contrib/application-faq: Questions and answer for frequently asked questions