Assistance in setting up on my machine to fix bugs for GSOC 2023

I am reaching out to request your assistance in setting upxwiki website on my local PC. I am interested in contributing to the project and would like to test it on my own system before submitting any changes.
from my opinion ,xwiki is simplified and complex at the same.i have clearly noticed some spelling mistakes in one of webpages.i would like to contribute to xwiki in building extensions and with website. I expect to deliver a fully functional implementation of the project, along with detailed documentation and tests. I will also ensure that the code is properly integrated into the existing codebase and meets the project requirements.

Hi, welcome here. Please see XWiki @ Google Summer of Code 2023 - XWiki

under Proposed Projects heading then is misspelled as theb.

fixed, thx

next time, you can register on and perform edits yourself, it’s a wiki! :wink:

i am interested working in chatgpt integration and content based tag suggestion as per the guidelines.