Attachment hustle

Has this bug been fixed in 9.7?

Can someone please reproduce these steps?

First prepare 2 documents for upload. Let’s say 2 MSWord documents, A.doc and B.doc.

  1. Create a new page, enter some text
  2. Upload A.doc
  3. Remove A.doc
  4. Upload B.doc
  5. Activate the version where you uploaded A.doc (should be version 2.1)
  6. Delete the latest version of the page (this should take you back to version 4.1 where you uploaded B.doc)

Examine the attachments page:
It will show A.doc and B.doc (which in my opinion is strange, because I would expect to only find B.doc).
Try to open A.doc (this is possible), now try to open B.doc (this is NOT possible).

What I would have expected:
Deleting the last version of the page should take be back where only B.doc was uploaded (and B.doc should be accessible).

But now I have BOTH attachments (small bug), and B.doc is NOT accessible! (major bug!)

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Hi HamsterNL, well if the issue is open it means it has not been fixed for 9.7.

Sometimes when you make changes in code, you end up fixing bugs you were not aware of…that’s why I am asking :slight_smile:

Wishful thinking :slight_smile:

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By looking at the current JIRA status, this bug has been fixed. Great!