Attachment not longer shown in history

Today we recovered, that when we update a page with a new attachment, the upload is no longer shown in the version history.

the update we did today

and the history without showing the todays upload (the upload a year ago is shown)

We could not remember since which version this happened, we are now working on 15.2

Hello. I’m not sure I understand your question. The history you’re showing is showing the addition of the attachment in revision 82.1.

Or do you mean that there was some comment before in the history and it’s no longer the case?

Hello, I mean in version 73.1 (last year in may) the wiki automatically wrote in the description, that a new attachment was uploaded. One year later in 82.1 I uploaded a new document (you can see in the first picture) but xwiki does not wrote this in the description.

I think I now know why this happened.
Last year I edited the page and uploaded the attachment during the editing.
This year I first uploaded the attachment without editing the page, the i go to editing and set the link for the attachment.

Sorry, I hope I didn’t cause any trouble.