Attachment summary list on page

Hi guys,

my company has many .pdf files for different situtations. For example if you are ill or want to buy something you use the PDF.
In our old intranet we got a attachment list where you can sort the PDFs by categorys.

I found this macro and it goes in the right way. Is there another macro where we can set categories for attachments?

I only want a collumn to sort for categories at the list from “Attachment Macro”

Hello @daveB,

Since XWiki 14.8RC1, the attachments listing are based on the Live Data macro. It might fit your needs.

See the documentation for some screenshots.

Hope that help.

Hi @mleduc ,

thx for youre answear. Yeah i know this at the bottom of the page. With the Attachment Macro i can place this table someware in the page.
But the collumns are “Type”, “Name”, “Size”, “Date”, … and what i want is a column like “categorie” where u can ad a categorie. Something which looks like the categorie by blogs or something else.

thank you for ure time and help