Attachments Macro unable to upload file > 1MB

Hi there,

I am having some issues with uploading files via the Attachments Macro when the file size is greater the 1MB. I cannot seem to find the root of the problem. I looked at the global file upload size and it is still set to the default 100GB. I am running version 13.10.5 in a docker container with nginx as a reverse proxy. I checked the nginx conf file and the client_max_body_size is set to 2000MB. I then checked the docker logs and this was the following output:

I tried to copy and paste the log but I do not know how to format it correctly… I also get a 413 error message indicating that the entity is too big but I am not sure why I am getting this error.

Any help is appreciated!

I have the same problem but on a simple internal wiki setup. There is no reverse proxy involved. Looking forward to seeing a solution.