Auth for main wiki home

Hello everyone,

My wiki is a sub wiki, I left the main wiki as is, so I’ll have a back door if I need.

Small question:
If I go to 8080/xwiki/wiki/mywiki (my sub wiki), I get an auth, which is fine.

But if I go to 8080/xwiki (the main wiki), I don’t get an auth even nobody is logged in. Is this a security issue? How to enable auth to the main wiki?

I want my user ALWAYS to to authenticate, with both wiki (main and sub).

Thank you in advance!


if I understood your question correctly, you could go to
Administration / User & Groups / Access Rights. There you’ll see the three checkboxes below the table. If you activate the first one, everybody has to log in before seeing any page.
(not sure about the exact names, because my wiki is set to German)

Hi @Trying,

that was exactly was I was looking for. Somehow I haven’t seen these checkboxes before… Thank you so much!

All the best,