Auto-Generated Label of Links is overwritten with static Label


I followed this manual to set links which are auto-updated when Page Title changes:

I used them in Menu. For some reason, when I am saving page, some of the links are saved with Page Title as a Label, thus they are no longer dynamic, but static.

Example source code:

*** [[Nastavení>>Main.Official manuals.Competent - Uživatelská příručka.Případy použití - Administrátor.Nastavení.WebHome]]
*** [[Main.Official manuals.Competent - Uživatelská příručka.Případy použití - Administrátor.Soubory.WebHome]]

second link works fine, but when I delete “Nastavení>>”, after save it will appear again.

Is there trouble with special Czech characters in Page path?

Thanks for suggestions!

Delete from where? From the Source mode? Did you then save directly from Source mode or did you switch back to WYSIWYG mode before? Can you list the exact steps you did?


Sorry, sure:

I want to create link with dynamic generated label. When I rename the page, I would like to see updated link name in menu (Menu created by me, not Navigation panel)

Config details:
I am using in
rendering.linkLabelFormat = %t
In Advanced Configuration of WYSIWYG editor I have
config[‘xwiki-link’] = config[‘xwiki-link’] || {};
config[‘xwiki-link’].autoGenerateLabels = true;

step 1)
I will test two target pages, one named “Štítky” and one named “StitkyX” to be sure to compare behavior.
I am in edit mode of Menu page, default is WYSIWYG mode.
step 2) I click link tool in WYSIWYG, search target page, delete content of “Display text” field and create link.
step 3) Save and View menu page
step 4) Rename target page (via Move / Rename tool) and refresh to see behavior

Label of page with special characters remains unupdated.
Label of page without special characters is updated correctly.

When I check source code, there is:

  • [[doc:Main.Official manuals.Competent - Uživatelská příručka.Slovník (:open_book:).StitkyXX.WebHome]]
  • [[Štítky>>doc:Main.Official manuals.Competent - Uživatelská příručka.Slovník (:open_book:).ŠtítkyYY.WebHome]]

So label was added to the link of the page with special characters.

Exactly the same behavior occurs when I try to do it manually in the Source editor.

I suppose this is bug which prevents use dynamic links with special characters… Can you please confirm it? Should I report it somewhere?

Thanks for your time&help,


Hello, just to be sure, did I post my reply correctly?

I can see your reply! Not sure what you mean by correctly. Your answer is missing using backticks for code style for sure, that would help readability :slight_smile: