Auto-join Sub Wiki


We have a requirement wherein we want all new users to be able to join all subwikis automatically as they sign up.

Here’s why:

  1. We are a big organization with a lot of non-technical users. We want to create multiple subwikis for different business functions so that the teams working in those functions can generate knowledge and collaborate.
  2. We want all the knowledge to be freely available for anyone to read.
  3. Users login using the Google Apps authentication.
  4. When users login the first time, they dont know which wiki to go to and find what they need. So they search. But when they click one of the search results, they get the “Join the wiki” page. That page does not have very clear instructions on how to join the wiki.
  5. In our internal user test, we figured that the process of joining the wiki is not as intuitive.

So what we want to do is that make sure that every new user is automatically added to each wiki with read-only rights. This would ensure that they don’t have to manually join every wiki

How can I do this in XWiki?


Hi, what you describe is the default: i.e. users don’t need to join a subwiki to access it.

See the second step in

More specifically see this screenshot showing that the default is “open to join”:

You can change the membership settings for an already created wiki from the administration.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the quick response.

We are experiencing something else. When any new user tries to open this subwiki, we see this - 38 AM

When I add the user manually in the subwiki, then the user can access the subwiki. This is with the settings recommended by you in your response.

Another weird behaviour that I observed was when I created a new subwiki after getting your response, then it all worked fine. So basically the existing wiki with this configuration is not showing the expected behaviour. But when I create new subwiki, it works like you have said.

Also to add, the subwiki that is not working as expected - it was not “open for anyone to join” when I created it. I changed the setting later.

How can I debug and fix this?

Here is the screenshot of my registration configuration - Screenshot from 2018-03-06 11-46-13

Is it somehow possible, that a user “auto-joins” a sub-wiki in case he/she is in a certain user group?

Any updates on this?
I wish to have all main global users automatically in the subwikis.