Autocomplete Application replaces content in string

I have some issues with the Syntax Highlighting Feature and Autocomplete on XWiki Version 11.10.2.

Whenever I type a dot in a string the characters before the dot are replaced with the last parsed Velocity variable.

for example:

$services.query.xwql('from doc.').execute()

will be replaced instantly with:

$services.query.xwql('from xwql').execute()

Doesn’t matter, if in single or double quotes.

Hi, the autocomplete app has not been touched for a while and it had some limitations/bugs.

Would be great if you could check existing open issues for it and create a new ticker for it if it’s not already there, at Loading...


Ok, I found an open issue concerning this bug:

Thanks @prmdhost. This extension was done quickly in a hackathon a lot of years ago and has not received much love since them. Would be great to have someone work on it again. I’ve been wanting to do so for a long time but haven’t found the time so far.