Automatic backup?


Does anybody have an experience with a automatic backup of XWiki data and configs?

I checked the docs, everything is clear, but I don’t really like the perspective of running the things manually.

We have Veritas backup in the company and XWiki runs from the OpenShift.

Is there any plugin or automations for this?

Thank you!

I’m not sure how OpenShift works, but in our setup, we use Docker containers for the XWiki app and PostgreSQL database. We bind mount the ‘/usr/local/xwiki’ directory in the XWiki container and ‘/var/lib/postgresql/data’ in the PostgreSQL container to local directories on the host. Then, we have a script that automatically copies these two folders, zips them into a single file, and moves it to a backup folder every night. This backup captures the exact state of the XWiki instance at the moment it was created, and we don’t need to perform any manual steps.