AWM. Application.Title field


I want to discuss Application.Title again. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that the Title field is somewhat inconvenient and imperfect, namely:

Pro: By default, in the AWM the Title field must be filled in when you add a new default entry:
Then in the edit form wizard it’s convenient to choose this field from the palette for displaying as a title.

Cons: The type of this field is Computed, which makes it impossible to sort / filter, and also it’s not possible to programmatically get the value of this field using scripts.

I used the next workaround, but I suspect that there is a more elegant solution:
added another text field Title and fills its Custom Display value by

#set ($rawValue = $tdoc.title)
$doc.set('hdwTitle', $rawValue)

In other words: we have a field, but it needs to duplicate it or take additional actions for its effective use.

P. S. I feel that I have not spelled out clearly, please specify :slight_smile:

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