AWM. How to add a lookup table or multicolumn list?



How to add a table type field from the existing field types in the palette?
Or do it in a different way.




Rephrase my question:

need community assistance in solving the following problem: implement the value selection in the field from the list of values ​​of another AWM table/class using the multicolumn selection list with filtering.

In the easiest way, this can be realized by concatenating several query fields in Database List:

concat(doc.title, '', version.value, '', license.value)

However, I would like to have a table view.
I’m trying to do this with Livetable and XWiki Livetable Checkbox Column Macro, but I can not put it together.

First of all, I want to understand how to handle
serviceDocument parameter on the side of the resulting document.

Thanks for the ideas, hints and dirty hacks :slight_smile: