AWM. Multiselect LiveFilter


How to implement a multiselect filter in the AWM grid, but so that the values in the lookup were not statically made, but were selected as unique from the values of the string field?
Just as it’s done in Excel / GoogleDocs:




The closest is probably the Database List field.

Yes, but no :frowning: .
I have already tried to use dbList, but couldn’t build tree-like structure (check my previous questions :slight_smile: )
Now I’m using a checkboxed jsTree in edit mode and string representation of selected nodes text’s in view mode. In DB data saved as JSON.stringify(value) (Nodes ID and Text).

There is a Database Tree List property available in the XWiki model, see . It’s not exposed in AppWithinMinutes for the moment because it’s a bit technical and not that easy to use. You can expose it though by following the “Field Palette” section under (you need to scroll down, as the link in the table of contents leads to a different section). The picker used it’s not going to be as nice as the jsTree with checkboxes though…

I also tried it too: DatabaseTree looks flat, not tree-like

That’s how I balance: something i take from one component, something from the other, a lot of manual coding, some ideas have to be rejected because of the impossibility or complexity of implementation :frowning:

And my skills are not enough to do the right thing :frowning:

Okay, I’ll wait, maybe in the future it will be implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks! :+1: