Batch Import Application 2.4 released


Batch Import Application 2.4 has been released.

See the release notes.


Thanks @mouhb , this is cool :slight_smile:

Quick question: I couldn’t find the new features documented on Batch Import Application ( and I’ve checked the jira issue and they don’t use the “documentation” field.

For example, I see that Loading... adds a new API value for scripting but it’s not mentioned on the doc page. How are users/developers supposed to know about this?

Same for Loading... which seems to add 2 new options.


PS: We have a version macro to document new changes in the doc and that are great to use: Version Macro ( . See also Documentation Guide - XWiki

Hi Vincent,

Indeed the documentation is not up to date.
Note that I only worked on the last ticket (Loading...), so, I don’t know what are exactly the features that are not documented, the devs who worked on these features are in a better position than me to document them.


Yes I know :slight_smile: I’m mentioning this here because you’re the RM (release manager) and thus responsible that the release is of good quality. Until it’s not released, it’s not an issue that the doc is not up to date but it becomes one once it’s released since that makes the new features available to the world.

When we release XWiki, the RM has to check the quality of the release notes and doc and ping devs. The way we do this is by filling the “documentation” field in the jira issue, thus making it easy for the RM to see if there are missing docs and ping the devs of the issues. That makes it quite easy. The strategy is described here: Development Practices - XWiki

Contrib projects try to follow the rules of (see I think this one is not too hard to follow and could improve our docs for contrib projects. WDYT?

Ok Vincent, I will take your remarks into consideration and ping the devs in order to update the documentation.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s actually a new extension, it’s a part of the batch import application release but it’s not bundled upon install, you need to install it separately. I added documentation in .

I documented those as well in the File upload section . Just note that the whole feature of files import is lacking documentation and this is on purpose because it’s not something that should be considered stable in any way, there was no API built for it and there is no commitment for it to work in a certain way other than the way it does for a given version. As a user/developer, there should be nothing reliable in there between versions. Now that I made argued here about it I realize that maybe I shouldn’t have added documentation about the 2 new configs, as now they more or less become API because they’re documented…