BatchImport extension v2.1 released

Hi everyone,

This new version of the BatchImport extension brings several interesting features:

  • It includes an optional database list identifier post-processor, allowing to dynamically convert DBList values to DBList keys via the built-in extensible post-processing mechanism offered by the BatchImport API. Imagine that you want for instance do a bulk import of a set of book entries which reference authors represented as pages in the wiki. The input CSV file can contain the full name of authors: these full names will get converted to the XWiki page references during the import operation, if this new extension is installed.
  • It is now possible to convert Office documents to XWiki pages without storing the documents themselves as attachments, by setting the “fileupload” option to “false”.
  • A new option makes it possible to configure the Office converter for preserving the original styles or cleaning them out.

Cc: @lucaa, maintainer and author of the new database list identifier feature.