Beginner's questions for small company

Hi, I’m Julie

I run a small creche (10-12 people in the team) and the members of the team have basic computer knowledge. I have looked at confluence which answers many of our requirements, but i am told that xwiki would be better suited.

I’m looking for a platform to help manage the creche: as a manager I need to schedule the work rota, do general HR stuff, manage holidays, sick days, share documents, to do lists and manage small projects.
My team members need easy access to fill out forms, collaborate on documents.

The cloud option seems to be the best for us; I see that it is possible to set up a demo, is this a permanent site or will it time out? If I choose to download and open source option, which to you think is the easiest to install and manage, as there are many options and it is confusing.

For the cloud option, where is the data hosted? as some data is sensitive and we have to comply with data protection laws.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Julie,

Glad to see you’re interested by using XWiki. This forum is the forum of the open source project You may want to contact the XWiki SAS company (independent from this open source project) at Contact us - XWiki if you have any question about their XWiki Cloud offering.

I agree that their XWiki Cloud option seems the best suited for you.

Thank you and have a great weekend
Open source committer

I’m interested to know more about what is confusing so that we can improve the website.

When I go to for example you have 2 options: LTS or Stable. Is that confusing and if so why?

Let’s say I pick LTS, then you get to and you have 2 options: Demo or Production. I guess that’s ok, right? Seems you seem interested demo, I guess you’d pick Demo. Then you have 2 choices: " Standard Flavor Preinstalled" and " ZIP Package". Now I guess this could be confusing since you may not now what is a Flavor or the Distribution Wizard. I’ve now added links to pages explaining them.

Could you tell me if it’s better now or if it’s still confusing? If you have ideas about how to make it less confusing that would be awesome :slight_smile: