Best Practice Xwiki Docker Installation


I’m new to Docker and Xwiki (before that I did it the “old school way”) and like to know if there is any best practice guide here how to use xwiki docker with the docker-compose file.

I already have xwiki running like in

But what I couldn’t find is if there is any best practice after starting the xwiki:

  • What should I backup and how do I backup the mysql databases
  • Are there any further security actions to take ?
  • Did you just downloaded it to your favorite folder and started the application ?
  • Can I just add the “restart always” option and run this container in production when I did a good backup plan ?
  • Backup: Volumes and Mysql Databse and I’m fine ?

There are none becuase nobody has written/contributed any :slight_smile:

We’re waiting for you!

The XWiki developers are not using the docker image anywhere so we don’t have experience about running docker in production in general.

This is not related to XWiki per see. Same as what you’d do in general. You could ask on the mysql forums. You can backup the image or the mysql data.

More generally you should follow which still applies.

What do you have in mind?

Not sure what you mean. What is your favorite folder? XWiki is a server app.

I guess it’s a good idea to do restart it automatically of the container goes down.

Yes seems enough. By volumes, I guess you mean the volume containing the xwiki permanent directory. For more details about what to backup see


Let’s have all our docker users help out and contribute production tips here and then on a wiki page somewhere on!

And thanks again for your reply.

As soon as we have the xwiki running like we would to, I’ll post my setup.
If I’ve got something in between I’ll post it aswell, hope I’m gonna have something til the end of the week for this article here.

I am having issues setting up xwiki using docker on azure virtual machine ubuntu 20.04
i would be very grateful if someone can help me figure this out>