Best way for a local "offline" wiki (read only)

Hi everybody!

I’d like to create a read-only copy of our wiki on a local machine, so I could have access to it even if the server is shut down. I’m wondering what would be the best way to do it. The content is a main page with a lot of nested pages inside. I would like to have access to this content. I tried:

  1. Export the main page content to html. It crashes the wiki-server because it is too big! maybe this is a solution?

  2. Export the main page content as xar, then import it in a standalone version. It works, it I only get the content, not the whole look and feel.

  3. Export the whole wiki as xar and import it into a standalone version. After importing I need to login again, but I just get an error page with no login mask.

  4. Export the whole main page content to pdf. If I try to export the main page as pdf, it only export the content of the main page, not the nested pages.

  5. Is there any other suggestions?

For me everything is fine, as soon as I have access to the main page content and I can search through it.

Thank you in advance,

all the best,