Better view/edit/create statistics?

There is a old “snippet” for showing a more interesting statistic view from within XWiki than the current Statistics Extension provides, but I haven’t gotten it to work quite yet.

My question is; does anyone have a working version of this or an improved one? Or have most of you moved to Google Analytics or Piwik/Matomo instead? Because I for one find the current Statistics Extension to be overly simplistic and I would love a more detailed overview of exactly what pages/spaces are the most viewed, edited or seeing new material in.

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Hi @flatrick. I don’t know much about this snippet (should be easy to fix I guess) but the recommendation is to use Matomo which is a lot richer:

Note: I’ve just added a missing warning to :wink:


Hi @vmassol, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: Then I’ll probably just take the time and setup my own Matomo-server and hook it up that way :slight_smile:

In case someone else finds this thread and want some tips on how to configure Matomo, here are my “Goals” for XWiki so that I can track Views, Edits, Creates and Deletes performed by the users with Matomo

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@flatrick This is great and really helping. Would be awesome if you could document this in the extension itself at (I think it would have more impact than here in the forum). WDYT?


I’d love to! I’ll try to get to it in next couple of days :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @vmassol, I’ve taken the time to write some instructions, but I’m not quite sure how to squeeze them in to the current extension-page, I feel like it adds quite a bit of length to scroll through (it doesn’t fit within one screen on my 1920x1080 resolution screen with standard dpi-settings).

Is there anywhere else I could store the article that makes sense for you and then link to from the extension? For now, I left it as a comment in it’s current (unfinished) form

Could you put it in the draft area at so that I could see it and decide where to best put it?

Thanks a lot, that’s great! :slight_smile: