Blog Application: automatic publishing / planned publishing dates?


is there already a way in the blog application to “plan” the publication of an blog article?
With that I mean that we set the publication date in the future and once it is reached the article will automatically be published.

First I expected the publication date at the bottom when editing a blog article to be exactly that functionality when selecting dates in the future, but as long as I do not click the “published” checkbox, it is still not published even when the date is reached. Im not sure if im using it wrong or if its simply not meant for that.

In case currently there is no function like that and such a thing is also not planned, roughly how could I program such a function myself?

Is the Scheduler Application meant for exactly that? I think of maybe creating a job that every 5 minutes checks every blog entry class object, if its not published but has an publication date in the past and changes the status of the published value?
Is this the best / easiest solution or does somebody have an better way?

I don’t think it exists. See Loading...

This seems to be Loading...

Publishing a blog post is just about changing an xpropety on a page with a blog post xclass. You could indeed have a scheduler job executing every day or more and in charge of doing this change by iterating over all pages with a blog post xclass having a published xproperty not set. You’ll also need to add a new xclass to hold the future publish date.


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