Brainstorming about the integration of XWiki with chat engines

Hi everyone,

Chats are cleary a very efficient way to share knowledge. This raises the question of their positioning with respect to wikis. In the XWiki ecosystem, the Hubot application makes it already possible to send notifications from a wiki to chat rooms, and to search a wiki from a chat. However, more features could be think of, and possibly a tighter integration with some specific chat systems, be it Matrix, Slack, IRC or others.

I’m starting this thread to gather ideas on how you’d like to interact with XWiki from a chat, and with a chat from XWiki, and also to gather user experiences you may like in existing solutions. As you may know, XWiki SAS is currently developing a Slack application which will be an open source paid app.

What is your vision? How would you like to work with chat rooms and XWiki together?

Posting myself an idea mentioned by @Enygma:

  • Store in wiki pages the links to the chat messages that refer to them (and possibly part of the chat log itself).
  • Use these “pings” to increase a page’s search rank.
  • Take into account access rights aspects: make sure to map chat room membership to XWiki chat logs page rights.