[Brainstorming] XWiki 11.x cycle roadmap




By the way, in WYSYWIG editor my users want a simple way to colorize some lines (or column) of a table.



Update page Navigation tree so that hidden items are visually distinguished from content normal users would see.

For example: I have “display hidden pages” set to “Yes” under my profile preferences; however, I cannot easily distinguish between Normally hidden pages and always visible pages in the Navigation Tree.

Also- I think setting this option to “Yes” also shows redirects in the navigation tree - if so, it would be useful to visually distinguish these as well.


New idea for 11.x cycle: Allow customization of Solr search defaults via Admin GUI.

For example: we have a main wiki and a “dev” sub-wiki. I would like to limit search results to the main wiki by default.

In general, it would be nice if admins could easily manipulate the default facets / scope for Solr.

(this is detailed on: https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Solr%20Search%20Application#HSearchAdministrationSection)