Breadcrumb doesn't update after moving page

After moving a folder page I noticed that the breadcrumb still shows the (pre-move) breadcrumb.

Is there any way to force the updating of the breadcrumb, is this a known issue? (

I’m on tomcat9 XWiki Debian 14.9 (22.04)

nb. the breadcrumb shows its old (pre-move) location:

Whereas it is in another location


Any ideas/suggestions how to adress/bugfix this issue?

the page id are in order as far as I can tell (also when I look at the json payloads it shows the id in the right location with the right parent/children relations); im unsure:

  1. where the breadcrumb is stored (I could change it manually then)
  2. If others are facing the same problem (I could add it in jira then, I’d rather not make unnecessary tickets however)

Hello Wardenburg,

The standard information of the breadcrumbs is not a new information, so it’s not stored differently, the breadcrumbs are displayed based on the page tree, they’re supposed to display the page tree as it is. So it’s a bit strange that one works and the other doesn’t as they’re supposed to display the same data.

However, there is a setting in that allows to tell your wiki to use a different, obsolete, data, for your breadcrumbs. This is the core.hierarchyMode setting. Can you check if that config is set to parentchild on your wiki? See also Release Notes for XWiki 7.2 Milestone 2 ( .

Good afternoon @lucaa,

first off thank you for responding - I solved this issue by remaking the folder page (as we’re still in ‘beta’), once we go live it’ll be harder to keep track/solve of this issue. And I imagine not all pages will be made in the right ‘section’ so I expect there’ll be some moving around.

I checked and it is indeed set to parentchild

We’re currently on 14.9 and I can reproduce the issue by creating a (blank template) page:

And then moving it to a different part using the ‘rename’ function the ‘parent’ page doesnt change in the breadcrumb.


As you can see the page reference does change however.

As others haven’t mentioned it I’m thinking it might be because we’re using the dutch locale?

Here’s a gif of the move in action:

example crumb

Yes, the reference does change, this is normal. The issue you have is that your breadcrumbs are not using the reference as the source of data, as the tree does, they’re using a different metadata of the document (the deprecated “parent” metadata), because your core.hierarchyMode is set to parentchild. Normally you should be seeing an input in the “edit wiki” or “edit wysiwyg” mode that would allow you to explicitly set that parent to the value you want.

This “disconnection” between the reference and the breadcrumbs is the very objective of the parentchild hierarchy mode (being able to set a parent to a page that is independent of its reference). So, if this is not what you want to achieve, you should probably restore the core.hierarchyMode to reference, as it is by default in XWiki.

Not at all, see my explanation above.
The others have not mentioned it because the hierarchyMode=parentchild is not the default value of XWiki and it’s used rather rarely. When it’s used, the dissociation of the breadcrumb from the tree is actually what is desired, so whoever does it sees it as a feature not a bug.

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I can’t believe that was changed!

Sometimes I feel I have to go back to learning 2 read class

Thanks a ton @lucaa this Solved the “issue” (working as intended :wink: ) for us!