BUG: document display for Page Elements doesn't display null or empty values properly when you limit page choices

I’ve started to use the Page Picker instead of the DBList picker because nicely creates a link to the page that is selected. However, almost all of my Page Picker objects must have the options in the “suggest” box limited because we literally have over ten thousand pages.

Most of the time, I will use the class editor to limit my choices like this:


Sometimes I will use custom HQL.

This nicely limits the choices in the picker, but on AppWithinMinutes pages where my user has NOT made a selection, instead of showing an empty field, the doc.display (“myPagePicker”) result will show a link to the application namespace. Below, see an example: the property is called “DATA ELEMENT LISTING”, and the fields that use lower case have a selection in the page picker on their respective pages. The links that are in all caps actually have no selection made on that record, but the display result is to add a link to the class of the document, when it should just show a blank space:


I’ve been doing weird velocity workarounds on my forms to test if the value is empty, etc to fix this but but it would be a tremendous help to have this corrected…

Hi, I reported and fixed:

This will probably fix your issue.

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Great! I’ll be able to test it out next week. Thank you for your quick response!