[Bug] Table breaks if you write "!=" inside it


Situation: I was making a remark in a table which said “Logging != Monitoring”, and the result is a bug in my eyes - see below.




Are you using the WYSIWYG or the source/wiki editor ?

!= is the syntax (one of the syntaxes actually) to start a heading table cell so if you use the wiki editor then you need to escape it (~!=), if you are using the WYSIWYG then you found a bug and would be great to report it on http://jira.xwiki.org with the steps to reproduce it.


wysiwyg :slight_smile: . I’ll report.



CKEDITOR seemed to be the correct component.


It’s most probably a xwiki/2.1 renderer bug but it’s OK, always better create a jira issue where you experience the problem. We’ll move it in the right place if needed :wink:


that’s what I thought :wink: