Bulk import from Twiki to Xwiki

We are trying to migrate from Twiki to Xwiki. We have a large number of pages that we need to import into xwiki. Is there any process or tools that can help with this?

I found https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Import%20from%20TWiki%20Python%20Script but I can’t tell you how good or up to date it is given its last release date…

If it does not work well enough and you want to try to implement one there is a new conversion framework (it’s not that new now but more recent than this extension) which make much easier to write importers, you only have to write a TWiki input and generate standard “events”. You can take a look at the following existing input filters for inspirations:

The complexity will depend a lot on the complexity of the twiki format (parsing Confluence format was a huge pain while mediawiki is pretty simple).

Another possibility is to ask to one of the companies sponsoring XWiki, for example XWiki SAS (and to be precise me as employee of XWiki SAS in this case) wrote the MediaWiki and the Confluence input filters.

Hi and thanks for the reply! Unfortunately the python script is using rpc, which is now deprecated and replaced by Restful API. It will be probably quite a bit of work to make it work.

We decided manually converting is doable so most likely we will just settle for that. Thanks anyway!


we have also a huge number of pages…

Now it exists a TWiki-Syntax for XWiki:

Is there a automated “easy” migration path possible with the syntax?

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No, though it would make the conversion easier. This parser just means that XWiki can understand the syntax and could probably convert it to XWiki syntax, though it would need to be verified if this parser is indeed complete and leads to good conversion results.

What’s missing is (unless there is another extension that supports this):

  • Obtaining the content from TWiki
  • Transforming page names and internal links
  • Handling files (I suppose there is some way to upload images or other files in TWiki) and making sure that the references to them in the content still work.
  • Migrate metadata like revision history, authors, permissions, …

For these steps, the same what Thomas wrote still applies, the importers Thomas linked to basically just handle the steps I mentioned above, the actual syntax conversion that might be solved for TWiki is in another part of these extensions. How difficult it is to write mostly depends on how similar page and file structure is to XWiki and in what format you can obtain the data. Quoting @tmortagne:

I can only repeat this, for example, as an employee of XWiki SAS, I significantly improved the DokuWiki import for XWiki last year at the request of a client who wanted to migrate several DokuWiki installations to XWiki. XWiki SAS also spent a lot of time on improving the Confluence importer recently.

Thank you for the explanation.

Even if we would like to, unfortunatly we are not so a big company that we can achieve a sponsoring of the Twiki importer :frowning:

The confluence importer is really good, we have migrated several confluence instances and we are happy to pay the license for the necessary plugins for our users :grinning:

Do you know, with which xwiki version the pyhton script is compatible to, in detail what is the last xwiki version with rpc interface?

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