Buttons on licensing tab dont work? (docker version)

I have setup a simple docker-compose to start the xwiki (we are trying to migrate from confluence to perhaps xwiki if it satisfy our needs).

My docker-compose.yml is pretty much the template version found here: GitHub - xwiki/xwiki-docker: Dockerfile to build and run XWiki on docker (xwiki:stable version, postgres and tomcat).

Everything starts up nicely, it prompts me to create a new admin account, and everything is working fine.

Then i install the official xwiki-platform-administratiion-ui and platform-extension-ui extension.
Also works fine and I get good UI in dashboard.

After that I install the Confluence Migrator (Pro), which installs correctly as well.

After that I go to the “license” tab under extensions, and the buttons there just dont work (“buy”, “Get trial” or “auto upgrade”)

Pressing them does nothing except change the url path to add the hashtag they are connected to.

There are no errors in console, no network requests, nothing… I cant find ANYHTING similar to this problem anywhere online.

If you need any more information let me know, I would really like some help with this, but like I said, this is a very minimal setup with almost nothing on it. Everything else seems to be working correctly except the licensing tab.

Image example of “License” page and Buy, Get Trial and Auto Upgrade buttons


version: '2'
    driver: bridge
    image: "xwiki:stable-postgres-tomcat"
    container_name: xwiki-postgres-tomcat-web
      - db
      - "8080:8080"
      - DB_USER=xwiki
      - DB_PASSWORD=xwiki
      - DB_HOST=xwiki-postgres-db
      - xwiki-data:/usr/local/xwiki
      - bridge
    image: "postgres:16"
    container_name: xwiki-postgres-db
      - postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data
      - POSTGRES_USER=xwiki
      - POSTGRES_DB=xwiki
      - POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS="--encoding=UTF8"
      - bridge
  postgres-data: {}
  xwiki-data: {}

Hi, this forum is about free extensios from extensions.xwiki.org.

It seems you’re referring to some paying extensions provided by a vendor. See the “contact us” button at Confluence Migrator Application (Pro) - XWiki Store

This has nothing to do with certain extension, no buttons work on that “license” tab for any extension.

I do not have problem with extension itself, but rather the “License” tab from xwiki which deals with all extensions. If this is not the right place to ask that can you point me where to then? But I dont think it has anything to do with team from “Confluence Migrator (pro)”

The license feature is coming from that paid extension you installed.