Can I nest live data tables?

I just started using the application builder in Xwiki, and I decided to start to try and build a customer database. I want to create a live data table of customer contact info, and I want to associate a set of invoices with the customers. Each customer is unique, but could have 1 or more invoices.

Right now I can build two separate applications which track the information individually, but I’d like to have xwiki build an invoice data table inside of a new customer entry when it’s created. Is that something I can do using the app within minutes wizard, or is this something that would require digging further into the development tools?

Hi. Maybe could help you?


You could use a database list property to add a “customer” field to every invoice that associate the invoice to a customer. You can see an example of this in the bundled “Movies” demo application where the director values come from the “Contributors” application. You could modify the sheet that is used to display customer entries to include a Live Data table of the invoices that have the current customer in the customer field.

Adding the database list field is supported in the AWM editor, to get the list of invoices you would need to modify the sheet (which is also just a wiki page with some code) to add the Live Data table.