Can not add a picture with WYSWYG Editor

I have a strange issue.
I can not anymore add a picture trough the WYSWJG Editor
Using the icon

and uploading

and inserting

Nothing happens and also no entry appears in the source code.
However drag and drop works fine and also adding a picture with

The version I’m using is 13.10.7

Any idea?

Hi. It seems you’re using the new Image plugin for CKEditor. Thanks for raising this issue. We’ve created [XWIKI-20036] Cannot insert an image in WYSIWYG mode with the new image dialog - JIRA to fix it.

Could I ask if you’ve manually activated the new Image plugin or not? If not, then there’s something weird happening since it shouldn’t be active.

Our documentation at says:

The new image dialog is unstable on 13.x and it is not advised to activate in in production. If it happens to be activated following an upgrade, it must be deactivated.

In any case, as a workaround in the meantime, please switch back to using the stable image plugin, see


I didn’t activated ist manually. It looks like that this happend during one of the last updates.
I have now deactivated the new one and switched back to the old one.
Now it works fine again
Thx for the help

ok, we’ve researched this and documented it at Features ( (check the updated warning section).

We’ve also updated [XWIKI-20036] Cannot insert an image in WYSIWYG mode with the new image dialog after upgrading XWiki - JIRA with that information and are now trying to find a solution.

Thanks again for raising this.