Can someone add svg Parameter support for PlantUML Macro


I like the PlantUML Macro very much, so thanks we have it.
My question is, can someone please add svg support for the macro?

Task is:
the macro uses the img parameter in the url as default, for example PlantUML Web Server

to get the same image as svg, the url should be PlantUML Web Server

The advantage of svg is, that you can place clickable links into the image.

If you know how to program the plugin api, it shouldn’t be so hard to add a parameter so you can tell the macro to render either png (img in url) or svg (svg in url).

If you have an example I can use to modify the actual PlantUML Macro I would give it a try.

Source of the macro is in
Would be nice if someone can improve the official plugin.

Best regards,

Hi @inren

Glad you like it. I hope someone has the itch to help you on that! :slight_smile:

Note that you also have 2 options if you wish to increase your chances that the new feature is added: