Can we move page attachments to another page?

I have large wiki pages with attachments (for embedded page images) that are getting too big to manage, so I’d like to break those pages into a series of smaller pages. That’s easy enough, a cut and paste does the trick

However, for the embedded images that exist as attachments to the original page, is there a way to move those attachments to the new page?

Or, do I have to link the attachmentents from the old page ot the new one?

[edit] Well, I can update all the links to point to the images on the previous page, but I’d still prefer to attach the images to the page where they are actually used.

There is nothing in the UI to move an attachment right now, you would have to download, delete the old one, upload to the new page. But if you have a lot of those it should not be hard to do in a script.

This is

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That’s not really an idea way to manage it for most xwiki users.

xwiki has a really nice feature that allows you to upload and embed images easily. It’s really convenient.

If I have to manage it separately (dedicated page with related image attachments, then take the additional steps of linking to that image), it becomes a bit more time consuming and a bit more of a hassle.

Also, deleting and re-uploading is a problem if you actually care about the attachment history - in that rare case where you actually do have a history you care about.

Indeed, then you are left with scripting.