Cannot login in Sub Wikis

I have a problem with sub wikis. My XWiki uses a custom login class that uses a SSO filter.
My custom login class redirect an access to the XWiki main page every success login.
If I create a sub wiki, I notice that I cannot access it, even if I try to login using the old way (I think because it uses the custom login class).
The result is that I cannot login into my sub wikis. I thought that If I has already logged in the main wiki I would be logged in also in sub wikis but this is not true.
How can I login into sub wiki with custom login filters? How can I redirect the login into my subwiki or stay logged if I access a subwiki that I can access?
Thank you for support.

Dear XWiki guys, to further explain the scenario, I think the main question is: is there something else we need to consider when integrating our multiwiki environment with our corporate SSO solution? The SSO solution is based on Shibboleth (federated single-sign on) and let several kind of users to access to our online systems, made of different applications (portals, ECMs, issue trackers, and of course XWiki). It’s a custom solution developed several years ago for some Italian local public administrations, and we’re still using internally, in order to (hopefully) speed-up the maintenance: this is the reason why we’re using this esoteric SSO solution :slight_smile: .
Matteo developed a custom authenticator to integrate our XWiki instance with the corporate federated SSO solution: everything is working fine with the official instance, and now we would like to activate a multiwiki environment. Matteo configured a test XWiki instance with several subwikis, but it seems that the SSO authentication isn’t working anymore with the subwikis, and he faced several issues (no authentication, loss of permissions, and the other things he described).
We checked this thread: Users (Local or Global) cannot authenticate / log into a new Sub-wiki site, it seems quite similar to our case, but we didn’t find a way to solve our issues.
In your opinion, are we missing something?

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using the standard LDAP plugin (I modified web.xml and xwiki.cfg files), it seems to work.
After the login in main XWiki, I can explore subwikis without any other operations (LDAP authentication is enabled as global configuration).
So the problem is in the custom login filter/class: when I click on subwikis, XWiki doesn’t seem to be able to see that I’m already logged in. Is there a way to tell XWiki to use the SSO authentication globally to gain the same behaviour?
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Hi I am having the same problem of you. Can somebody answer this topic?