Cannot use icons in template Provider

I am on XWiki 13.4, standart flavor, using the default fontawesome icon theme.

When I edit a template Provider, there is the ‘Icon’ field.

As soon as I place the cursor inside the input element, a Dropdown opens, suggesting that it is loading available icons.

However, the loading doesn’t terminate, I am never shown icons.
Viewing the Network tab I can see, that this click action is loading the url:
The response is 200 Ok, but it does not contain any data/body, it’s just empty.

I can manually write a string in that Icon-field.
When the string for example matches ‘file-text’, then I do see the icon .fa-file-text-o.
it also works with for example fa-star.
However, this only works with some fa icons, others are not are not usable, like .fa-android, fa-mobile, or fa-share-square.

I just tested on a clean XWiki 13.4 by editing Help.Applications.Contributors.Code.ContributorsTemplateProvider and the icon picker loads fine for me. The request you mentioned


returns this JSON for me:

{"iconThemes":["Font Awesome","Silk"],"currentIconTheme":"Font Awesome"}

Do you have any errors logged on the server side? The code of IconThemesCode.IconPicker page is pretty simple. Can you check its history to see if it was modified?

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The xwiki instance is running on docker, the instance is behind a traefik proxy.
It was version 11 on another server at an earlier point, and got migrated by mysqldump.
It has been upgraded multiple times.
Don’t know if this should matter, but maybe something broke on the way.

So, this is what I see, when I check the file history
within xwiki as you mentioned:

Here is the IconPicker code:

Can you compare the current version with the version coming from the extension? Are there any changes?

This is the JavaScript code but here the problem is with the content of the IconThemesCode.IconPicker page (Velocity script).

It appears that the only change is the author

But the page I am looking at - /bin/view/IconThemesCode/IconPicker - is correct, or do I have to look at a different path?
And if it is correct: Is the velocity code what i see when I edit this page with WYSIWYG and look at the source?
Then the code would be this:

Yes, that is the page and that is the code. I would try to output some text before this line:


to see if it gets there when calling this URL


Basically try to see what’s wrong with the Velocity code.