Can't access our Website from xWIKI's Jugsfarm

Hello XWIKI team,
We are struggling to access our website:

Is the xWiki’s JUGs Farm still on?
If not how can we move our content?


Hi @Congojug. Is this a recent problem of access?

I believe the JUG farm was archived a long time ago but I could be wrong, let me know. I’ll ping XWiki SAS infra to see if they can dig up some old archives but no promise at this point.

One idea: we have a farm that we maintain at Maybe this is something that would find of interest (see

Thanks and sorry about that.

Let us know also about the criticity of the data that was on your wiki there.

Hi @vmassol.
Thanks for this quick reply. You are right, this is not a recent problem. We just came back on xWiki after experimenting with other platforms. The data is not very critical.
Let’s explore the option and get back to you guys.