Can't get the permissions working

Hello, i’m a bit lost on permissions, i dont want users to edit, create or delete pages on the top categories so in the permission and childeren i blocked edit, script and delete. this seems to almost work but users can still use the create button.( gives an arror on creation)

on the sub caterogy no permissions are applied since they are childeren of the top category. but the problem is now that they can’t create pages, which is what I want but if I allow edit they can edit the sub category, which is what I don’t want and i’m a bit stuck on this.

I made a special template for instructions but for some reason users can’t use the template but can use the dashboard template. while it should be the other way arround (no permissions are applied)

I made a simple visualization to make it more clear.

I got the template part working. I had to give view rights on the tempate page inside Page Administration: Rights: Page.
I also found out I can’t seem to block users from creating pages on the home page.

For the rest i’m still stuck on the permission part. If somebody knows more i’d still like to get some help with this. or atleast tell me if it’s possible or not.

Thanks in advance.