Can't IMPORT Extension to my xwiki

Hello forum…
I am currently working with xwiki-platform-distribution-jetty-hsqldb-11.2 and flavor is…then now i try to install pdf viewer macro extension through offline mode… there is no any dependencies for this extensions (I cant find anything on your website) and because of that firstly i import that XAR file into my xwiki ( Through Administrator wiki–>Content–>import option). and then i searched that extension on the extension manager and i can not find that installed extension…Why this happened?


Because right now XWiki need internet to validate that this XAR is not just a XAR but also an extensions. So your extension is installed, it’s just not registered as such.

But there is no any internet connection…because i am doing this with a server…and that’s why i am following offline method that described in your website… so i cant make any internet connections…?

what will i do?

Again the features of that extension are here, it’s just not listed as an extensions. So it should work just fine.

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