Can't log in via ldap, no info available

hi all, I have configured the LDAP login, but I cannot log in any more. the problem is that there are no logs available - I don’t see logs in the log files (/usr/local/tomcat/logs), in the container output (it’s running on k8s), or within XWiki itself.

so the basic question is - how can I find out why I cannot log in any more?

Do you have any kind of XWiki log in there ?

sure, a lot:

  • catalina.2019-01-07.log
  • host-manager.2019-01-07.log
  • localhost.2019-01-07.log
  • localhost_access_log.2019-06-11.txt

the only current one is localhost_access.

This file name looks like a log of the input request but not the actual logs produced by the application.

At startup XWiki log a few things all the time, the first thing usually being something like

INFO o.x.e.i.ServletEnvironment - Using permanent directory [data]

Do you have that ?

nope. grep ServletEn * yielded no results in /usr/local/tomcat/logs.

okay, to be precise: I get a LOT of logs from the container output, just nothing when a login fails. :confused:

Then it seems application log is somewhere else.

my idea is: the app log is on stdout. BUT the “login failed” information is not logged. so the idea would be to verify this assumption … any ideas how to?

It is from application point of view but Tomcat is supposed to redirect it to a log file.

Well first you need to get XWiki log in general since you don’t seems to have it at all right now.

maybe I have: I grepped over the stdout output from the container, and this is the result:

$ kubectl logs -f xwiki-main-0 | grep ServletEn
2019-01-07 15:51:49,077 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO  o.x.e.i.ServletEnvironment     - Using permanent directory [/usr/local/xwiki/data]```

Looks like it, so if you found the right file then you need to make sure you enabled debug log for the LDAP module, see It should end up in the same file.

will try, thanks!! :slight_smile: