Can't reach XWiki just installed on Google cloud compute node

I used GCP compute node with HTTP/HTTPS enabled. I have tested the GC compute instances out before and know they at least deliver HTTP stuff from apache.

  1. I followed:

  2. And rebooted.

  3. $ systemctl status tomcat9 —> active running :white_check_mark:

  4. Went to outsideIP:8080/xwiki
    No response.

I was wondering what is the next thing I should check?

Hi, @jamslam!

Note that enabling the HTTP/HTTPS will unlock only 80 and 443 ports. You should configure the firewall of your gCloud instance to allow the traffic on 8080.

Also, a way to test the XWiki instance is to connect via ssh to your VM instance and execute a ping/wget on localhost:8080.

XD Unbelievable, I didnt even think of that. Of course 8080 is not open.
Thanks. I’ll do