Can't see macros

Hi all, I can’t see any macros for my user any more. Any ideas why?

Cheers! Axel.


First of all, what version of XWiki and what version of CKEditor Integration extension are you using? Did you do an upgrade recently (either for XWiki or for the CKEditor Integration extension)? Can you try to clear the browser cache? You can also open the browser developer tools, reload the page and check on the Network tab the request that is made when you open the macro selector dialog. The response for this request should be in JSON format.

hi marius, thanks for your answer! as for your questions:

  • I am using docker image “xwiki:postgres-stable” (SHA see below).
  • CKEditor is in version 1.25 (as far as I can tell from the installed apps list)
  • it’s not only me, it’s probably everybody.
  • the request / response when I click on the macro icon is in a gist. TL;DR: it’s this: {"options":{"allMacrosExcludedCategories":["Internal","Deprecated"]},"list":[]} (a bit … sparse, right?)


“appendix” :slight_smile:

  • image sha probably xwiki@sha256:8c36c9210ac96b2d91cf33fb305b6cd4109619d248995b89db59c933ebf6242a

This doesn’t say much about the XWiki version you’re using.

Can you try the latest version of the CKEditor Integration 1.29? You can upgrade from Extension Manager.

I would still clear the browser case and reload the page just to reduce the scope of the problem.

The JSON is OK (valid) but indeed the list of macros is empty. The request URL


seems to suggest that you are getting this problem on a sub-wiki (“teamit”). There is this issue Loading... which has been fixed in CKEditor Integration 1.26 but the fix is working only for XWiki 10.10+

Okay, it was version 10.9. I went through a super scary update process, and now I cann see macros again.

Thanks a lot!