Can't see Office Importer installed

Hi everyone,

We’re trying to install and use Office Importer Application extension in XWiki 12.7 but when trying to install it with the Importer tool, it says a newer version is installed already. It’d be good but we can’t find it anywhere in the user interface. As far as I know it’s supposed to give us a new option when adding pages so that we can import from Office documents but it won’t show that option at all. I’ve read the manual of the extension but it doesn’t contain any information on how to fix this particular issue. Am I missing something here? Do you have any suggestions on what to do to fix it?

You need to start / connect to the Office server from the XWiki administration before you can use the Office importer.

Note that you can also enable the autostart feature, see:

We’re using O365. What do you mean exactly by connecting to it?

The Office Importer Application requires LibreOffice or OpenOffice. What made you think it works with Office365? I don’t see any mention of Office365 on the documentation page of Office Importer Application .

The manuals do not explain the part about installing and setting up OpenOffice to work with XWiki so it’s not clear what to do. Thank you for explaining though. So I need to install LibreOffice or OpenOffice on the server we’re running XWiki on? I’ve found this video about how to set up OpenOffice server settings in XWiki:

The long documentation provided on is only about that. But don’t hesitate to propose changes to improve it.

Thank you

After installing OpenOffice, the linked video explains perfectly how to set it up in Windows OS