Cant' upload a logo - customizing Flamingo color theme

Using XWiki 9.4
I’m trying to upload a custom logo, following this guide:

A “Choose an attachment” button is expected, but my installment gives me a selection box instead (see image below):

I can’t figure out the problem. Could someone give me a hint?

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Have you tried to go to Administer Wiki/Look & Feel/Presentation/Skin/Customize?

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Thanks for the hint. But still can’t change the logo.
I was able to upload a custom logo on this page, but this alone didn’t changed the displayed logo.
I’m only seeing “default” and “logo-white.svg” as options when editing the color theme.


I’m only seeing “default” and “logo-white.svg” as options when editing the color theme.

If you want to use the logo you set for the skin, then you need to select “default” on the color theme to use it.

Anyway, the first thing you do was the right one. Don’t you see the attachment after reloading the page?

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Hi FRegis,
The documentation shows images for the latest versions 9.8. For older versions in order to change the logo, you need to go in Attachments viewer for the Theme, add the attachment and then the select will display it, in order for you to select it.
Issue where we changed the behavior is Loading..., since 9.5-rc-1

Hi, @gdelhumeau response was the solution. I needed to select default. I wasnt figuring this because the preview pane has a bug that shows that xwiki colored logo when selecting default. In a leap of faith I saved and magically the custom logo appeared. I think that a vague “Default” option is also a usability point of improvement. See image below for clarification:


Thanks all of you that took your time to help me here.
@ZD14 and evalica

Sorry evalica, but as a new user I can only mention 2 users per post…