Center Video in an article?

Does anyone know how to center a video in an article window?
I’ve tried the Video Macro and the JWPlayer Macro, but both give the macro is a standalone macro and it cannot be used inline error.


This just means you need to use this macro isolated, not inside a paragraph with some other content. Usually it just means you are missing some empty line before or after (or both).

Thanks, @tmortagne .
I can get the video to display fine, but I just want it centered in the middle of the article instead of being on the left.

Is it possible?

That’s more a HTML than a XWiki question in practice :slight_smile:

You can put a div around any content using ((( ))) syntax.

For example:

(% style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" %)

(I have no idea what is the right css, this is just an example)

Thanks, @tmortagne!
That’s exactly what I needed.