Change Request 1.0 Released

Hello everyone,

after 1 year of development and 15 releases, I’m very happy to announce the release of Change Request 1.0.
Compared to Change Request 0.15 this release mainly includes important bug fixes, such as a fix allowing to use it in subwikis, and also the capability to use Change Request with the Replication Application.

Besides that this release 1.0 mainly means that we are confident enough for it to be use not only for experimentation but as a fully working extension. So don’t hesitate to install it, try it and provides feedback to us about it.

As usual all information about this releases are available there:



Hi Surli, I’m new to the extension and its has been amazing so far. The main issue that I’m confused with is whether it is possible to hide the change request section in the page tab when requesting is disabled? Because it’s awkard to see them when I’m using applications such as forum.
Best regards,


that looks like a bug to me. Could you report it to please?