Change Request null value


I’m using XWiki version 15.10.7, and I was using Change Request version 1.13.2. When updating the Change Request to version 1.15 I noticed that when creating a page the timeline was not appearing, only the empty space. When I went deeper and looked at the logs, I noticed that I was getting the following error when saving the change request

[2024-07-02 14:22:47] [info] 2024-07-02 14:22:47,845 [http-nio-8080-exec-2 - http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/ChangeRequest/Data/aa-5a0fc6bf-e8c3-4b69-bcd9-82ad7640b990/] ERROR o.a.v.rendering                
- Left side ($documentPropertiesSummary.modified) of comparison operation has null value at environment:/templates/diff_macros.vm[line 421, column 45]

Would there be any way to resolve this? I have already uninstalled the extension and it still gives the same error.


can you report a bug in Loading... for it please? Also is it only happening for request of creating new pages? Or does it happen for request for any editions?


This error occurs whenever there is an interaction through the Change Request, whether when creating, reviewing or publishing pages.

I resolved the timeline issue that didn’t appear by restarting the server, but the log continues to appear. And I noticed that it appears in both version 1.15 and 1.13.2