Change the behaviour of notification switches and default notification event type switches

Hi everyone,

I’m opening this vote to ensure an agreement on the proposal made by @lucaa on Clarify the behaviour of Notification watch switches - #15 by lucaa since it would be a breaking change. All is explained on the linked thread so I invite you to check the exact proposal there.

This vote is opened for one week starting today, so it will be closed next thursday the 29th.

Here’s my +1.

+1, the for the proposed simplicity as the current system is way too weird

I guess we also need to decide if we do that only in 14.0 or also in the other branches. While I’m all for it in the long run (so +1 for 14.0) it sounds too dangerous for 12.10.x and 13.4.x. I would be +0 for 13.10.x (if it’s done right now).

To be sure, the vote is about whether or not we should implement , right?


I agree with Thomas.
+1 for 14.0
0 for 13.10
-1 for 12.10.x/13.4.x

Hello all,

as I explained on the ticket - which is indeed what the vote is about - there shouldn’t be any functional change for the default wiki settings (factory settings) nor for a user that is watching at least one page. Since the autowatch is activated by default, the users endup watching pages really quickly.
For a new wiki, if an administrator wants to obtain the old behaviour, they would only need to add a global inclusive filter for the whole wiki. However, IIRC from , the global filter solution will not work for configuring already created users which will need to add an inclusive filter for the whole wiki themselves, from their profile - but IMO this is a rare case.

I am of course +1 for this change and I would actually like to have it in the next LTS, 13.10, because it’s been too long since we had this weird behaviour and waiting 6 months more would be too much. We could do just the change of default now and then polish all the related items (watch switches, autowatch behviour, etc) in 14.
What can I do for that to happen? PR as quickly as possible?


As I said I think it’s good to have it in 13.10.x but better have it before this branch is well entered its LTS life, so while we can still try dangerous stuff. A quick PR would definitely help, as I think everyone’s TODO list is quite stuffed right now (but we can definitely find time to review and discuss).

So we have 4 +1 to have this in 14.0, and 1 +1 and 3 +0 to have it on 13.10. So I’m closing this vote: at the very least it will be implemented for 14.0, for 13.10 I guess it will depend mainly when Anca’s PR is ready.
Thanks everyone.