Change type of field for Ideas

Hi there,

as part of my work on fixing|improvements on Ideas I started in 11.10 to work on the Ideas extension, to allow users to input the Estimated Cost in string format (hard, medium, easy) instead of a number.

My proposal:

  • change the type of existing property nbestimate from number into a string

  • due to the new type of old property name nbestimate has nothing to do with it, that’s why it can be changed into simple cost

  • create a migration that will convert the number value into a string of old ideas and store these values as cost property

    • if the string representation of a number for old ideas doesn’t look good in combination with new values (hard, medium, easy), then it shall have the check values: compare an old number with default ones, and based on this set word hard|medium|low

Thanks in advance.

To me it seems that cost and difficulty are two different concepts which may be related but are not necessarily the same. For example, there may be options that have a high cost e.g., due to high resource usage or expensive components/software but are easy to realize. I would have suggested to instead introduce a new field and let the admin decide which of the two should be used (possibly both).

Another question: you’re talking about the ideas application here? I’m asking because I thought this application has been basically discontinued by XWiki SAS in favor of the non-free Ideas Application (Pro) which I thought wasn’t a topic for this forum (but I might be wrong).

To be precise, anyone is free to contribute to Ideas Application ( and it’s improved by the community. It’s not discontinued.

It’s true that XWiki SAS (one of the main sponsor of the xwiki open source project) was originally sponsoring its development but has decided some time ago to propose its own improved version (which is not free).

See Moving some extensions as paying extensions for more context.

Yes, this forum is to discuss extensions found on (i.e. free, open source versions). For paid extensions from XWiki SAS or any other vendor, you should use that vendor’s support channel.

Then, I assume this topic can be archived or removed from this section.